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Top 5 Bangladeshi Entrepreneurs, Tech Based

Top Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s Technology is growing day by day. And Bangladesh is forwarding towards the global technological era. Though still trying to  catch the main train, but its growing super fast. There are many Entrepreneurs who are entering this world and giving great efforts. Today we will talk about Top 5 Bangladeshi Entrepreneurs, Tech based ,who are giving their best in this sector. There are many men who have made their position very strong. And some are starting. So let’s check top 5 entrepreneurs.See what Google says about Entrepreneurs-


a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.


List Of Top 5 Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh


Kaml Quadir

top bangladeshi entrepreneurs
Kamal Qaudir

CEO- Bkash

Founder– CellBazar

Kamal S. Quadir is a Bangladeshi American entrepreneurs and best known for intrudicing e-commers in Bangladesh by founding CellBazar. It is an  online marketplace.CellBazar later was rebranded as ekhanei.com. He is also CEO at Bkash. Which provides financial service through mobile phone.


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Mahmudul Hasan Shohag


entrepreneurs in Bangladesh
Mahmudul Hasan Shohag


Founder and Chairman- Onnorokom Group

Mahmudul Hasan Shohag is the founder and chairman of Onnorokom Group. One of the fastest growing new generation companies in Bangladesh. He is connected with several companies. Such as Onnorokom Software Ltd., Rokomari.com,  TechshopBD and others.  Here is what his website says about his vision-

To shape up a different looking Bangladesh through the continuous development and refinement of Technology, Education, Research and Entrepreneurship.Official Website

Muhammad Nazimuddaula

Top 10 Bangladeshi Entrepreneurs, Tech Based


Co-founder and CEOG&R

Muhammad Nazimuddaula is yhe So-founder and CEO of Green and Red Ad. It is a online based Advertising website. Which advertise online. Here is there mission-

G&R’s mission is to make the internet more meaningful in Bangladesh – for consumers, website owners and advertisers. We aim to achieve this by constantly striving to be innovative, embracing the unconventional and applying a highly data-driven approach. Official Website

A.K.M Fahim Mashroor


Co-founder and CEO– BDjobs.com
Fahim Mashroor is one of the successful entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. He founded the first ever online job advertisement website in Bangladesh. His website BDJobs is very popular for searching job online. Here is what is his vision-

The vision of the company is to try bringing Internet technology in the mainstream business and economic life of the society.Official Website

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Zakaria Swapan

Entrepreneurs Who Are Shaping The Future Of Bangladesh’s Tech Entrepreneurship


Founder and CEO– Priyo

Zakaria Swapan is the founder and CEO of priyo.com. It is a online based news site which has many other services too. Such as it has Question-Answer section and others. He started it with a very few members. But after sometime he got so much attention on his site. It is one of the biggest Bengali web content based website.


Final Words


In Bangladesh now people are proudly entering in the field of technology. And for their demands many entrepreneurs are taking decisions to make thing easy. There are many entrepreneurs in Bangladesh who are contributing very finely in the field of technology. As we know that the world is being technical day by day. And the need of technology based things is growing very rapidly. And to cover this situation many entrepreneurs are working today. So this was the list of top 5 entrepreneurs of Bangladesh.

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