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Nothing to say about me. I am very fond of technology. I love technology based things. And I love to learn and want to spread my knowledge  to others.

I believe that people learn from the beginning  of his or her journey to this earth. And gain knowledge till death. I love to gain knowledge .


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This is not my first blog. I have created several blogs before. First started with free blogging platform named Blogspot. Yeah you all know about it. I made many blogs with that platform.  Then turned back to this platform. I love to do experiments. Still learning how can I make my blog famous and help you guys. not only for help , to learn also. You all know that

Practice makes a man perfect

I believe it. I know you also believe this.




  • I have brought this domain and hosting on 27/5/2017
  • And started working on it from then.

You can see my first blog post  here below what I wrote for beginners like me.


In this blog I want to give my best. Everyone have some personal things his own. wanna know mine?

  • I love to do Blogging.
  • Want to write content that helps people most.
  • Want to write content about more than 4k words.
  • Post will be so simple to understand.
  • Well, want to continue my reading.



Ok wanna know about this blog?



Ok , This blog is a proper hints blog. Here you will find WordPress blogspot SEO and wap site tips. And you will also find many tips about android and apps.  
As I mentioned earlier that this blog will be reader friendly. You will easily understand every post I will write. So don’t be afraid about this.  


I am kinda guy who is not so touchy. I love people but if you ignore me I will remember this till my death.




Yeah you have read about me.

You can follow me on social Media.












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